Kerry McDanies and the Cave
Kerry McDaniels
and the Cave

Love Can Be Magic




Blood Red Moon -- Jeanne Taylor Thomas

Blood Red Moon -- Out Now

Does time ran out for Kerry and Nakiya to translate from the book the secret, that can vanquish Shawgun, the demon skin walker and enable Moon Dancer's soul to separate from Kerry's. Working on the last page, Nakiya disappears.

Still recovering from his injuries, can Kerry find the strength to climb the mountain and use his talents to save the keeper of his heart?

Four days to the Blood Red Moon, the moon of human sacrifice.The moon, that will give Shawgun all his powers back and the ability to seal his vengeances; slaying Kerry, trapping Moon Dancer forever and using Moon Dancer's great- great granddaughter Nakiya, for the blood sacrifice.

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Austin and Harlow's First Adventure

Austin and Harlow's First Adventure -- Out now

Austin takes his new friend, Harlow, on an enchanted journey into his grandmother’s garden and discovers Harlow himself, magical.

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Kerry McDaniels and the Quest

Kerry McDaniels and the Quest -- Out Now

When Kerry McDaniels leaves the safety of his home to go off to school, an evil demon enemy stalks him there.

Zeal cannot allow Kerry to join the tribe in sacred ceremonies, and he certainly cannot allow Kerry to steal the  heart of the lovely Nakiya, Zeal's promised betrothed...

Can Kerry, with only the help of his spirit animals, find the strength and courage to  defend himself against Zeal's powerful attacks and earn Nakiya's love?

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Kerry McDaniels and the Cave -- Jeanne Taylor Thomas

Kerry McDaniels and the Cave -- Out now

A coveted stolen gifts entangles two parallel souls as one.

During the late 1950s in Montana, 19-year-old Kerry McDaniels explores a mystical cave and makes the explosive discovery that he shares his soul with Moon Dancer, a Blackfoot Shaman from the past.

Moon Dancer's special gifts had been stolen by a vicious demon. The only way Kerry and Moon Dancer’s souls can be separated and made whole is to get back those two precious gifts.

But the demon has sworn vengeance. He will stop at nothing to kill them both, hide Moon Dancer's gifts away from the world forever, and make Nakiya, Kerry’s sweetheart, a blood sacrifice...

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Love Can Be Magic

Love Can Be Magic -- Out now by Publishamerica Inc.

Love Can Be Magic, was written for a family Christmas party. It’s about hope, sacrifice and the one thread that holds it all together, Love.

The illustrator for my children's books is Pris Hardy.  She does such an awesome job.  To see more of Pris's work   go to www.pencilsbypris.com

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