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Love Can Be Magic




Love Can Be Magic

Love Can Be Magic -- Out now by Publishamerica Inc.

Love Can Be Magic, was written for a family Christmas party. It’s about hope, sacrifice and the one thread that holds it all together, Love.

The illustrator for my children's books is Pris Hardy.  She does such an awesome job.  To see more of Pris's work   go to www.pencilsbypris.com

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"Love Can Be Magic" is one of the most inspiring books I have ever read. I have seen it touch the lives of children, teenagers, and adults, and personally felt it change mine forever.  Its fun, yet gentle, illustrations give everyone something to admire; no one is too young or old for this story! It's an adventure for children as they wonder what will happen to the three orphans on their own, a promise to youth to never let go of their dreams for happiness (no matter what happens), and a reminder to adults to believe a little more readily in the life-changing magic of love.
Carolyn S. Cowlyn
Song writer/playwright